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Vikas + Sindhu | engaged

Love, laughter and light. Vikas and Sindhu radiate all of the above. Had a wonderful time in Parkville, closing the afternoon with a delicious glass of wine at d*luxe on Main. Can’t wait for the festivities next spring.

Corinne + Erin | Engaged

Corinne, Erin, Brandon and I spent a warm summer afternoon taking their engagement photos in near north Kansas City (all of us Northlanders at heart). We started out with coffee at LatteLand and ended up in the amazing selection of wines at Red-X. It was a blast and...

bryan + sarah

We recently had the pleasure of taking engagement shots of Bryan and Sarah, even though we unfortunately cannot photograph their wedding this summer. Bryan is a talented musician & graphic designer, as well as a long lost friend of ours. We had a great time just...