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Jen & Erik | Engaged

Jen & Erik are real, down-to-earth and in love. We had a great time photographing them in and around their stomping grounds– the streets of Westport. We took a few minutes getting ice cream at Murray’s, coffee at the Broadway Cafe, and ended up at...

Lindy + Jerod, engaged

Not even tornadoes could stop us the night we took Lindy & Jerod’s engagement photos. We had a great time capturing the magnetism between these two. So much electricity, in so many ways!

Dawn + Mike, engaged

We took Dawn & Mike’s engagement portraits last weekend when it was scheduled to be rainy and cold. The weather decided to surprise us with a warm and inviting spring day. Perfect for our warm and inviting couple. Thanks guys!

Jennifer + John, engaged

A few days ago we met up with Jennifer & John for their engagement session. We really love being able to spend some time with our couples before the big day,.. it gives us time to get to know each other & how we click. We had a great time capturing the love...