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January 23, 2011

Shawna & David are unique. They celebrated their union all across the country: New York (on 10/10/10 – a date special to them), California, Massachusetts & Missouri, to include all the families and friends they have gathered over the years. In the Kansas City version, we spent a fun evening with them at the Boulevard Brewery on one of the last chilly days of 2010. Many friends, all dressed uniquely, came to celebrate, and, if you will, “hoodleyhoo” these two into many strong years together. I will note, Shawna and David have been part of the Apple team for many years and now reside in California so they can be further entrenched in the Apple world– thus the apple theme!

November 26, 2010

The wedding day of Ashley and Stephen came along on an unseasonably warm day in October.

I love how  the hair stylist had matching casts, which also matched the dressing room–

Ashley’s family has a long history with Hallmark– a theme running throughout this day. Also, this is her late Grandmother’s bracelet. Special touches like this mean so much.

Waiting for the call to the chapel–

Ashley and Stephen chose to see one another prior to the ceremony, which let to a much anticipated first sight–

One of my favorite images of the day — Ashley got a bit emotional prior to the ceremony, so her dad was cutting up about how she “took the pressure off of him”. Father/daughter moments get me every time.

Spying the reception venue–

Bustling and showing off the ring–

Thank you Kay and Hiatt families for letting us document your day. We had a wonderful time & wish you so much happiness.

November 10, 2010

Wonderful time at the wedding of Corinne and Erin at the Kansas City International Airport Mariott. I can’t share enough how much I love an expressive couple. Thanks for the chance to witness such love and laughter.

Erin writing Corinne a wedding-day letter to go with her wedding gift (a surprise!)-

Corinne reviewing her vows

Corinne’s bridesmaid made a personalized card from the photo of her trying on her wedding dress-

Corinne’s son Charlie gets gussied up with help from Erin

Figuring out that hair-goop stuff

Great moment with Corinne & Erin’s moms (and the soon to be delivery of said wedding gift from Erin)

I love the moment here– sort of makes me think of the donning of the wedding attire as a re-birth, in a way.

This is the look that happens after you -almost- drop the groom’s wedding ring down the elevator shaft!

Opening of said wedding-day letter, amidst tears & laughter. so much love–

Sharing the sand pouring, into their new family.

Corinne is a lover of laughs,.. she brought these “pick your nose” cups for everyone’s toasts. They were a hit.

You know it’s going to be a rocking party when a bridesmaid changes into street clothing so she can breakdance!